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So, your town is inhabited by insane cannibals…

What to do? Well, OBVIOUSLY you join in. OBVIOUSLY.

My synopsis of this episode is: “What? Forest sex? Masks? What the hell is going on here? Weird diseases? Where are they getting… Oh! Cannibalism? What the bleeding, lunatic hell is going on here? HOW COME NO ONE NOTICED THIS BEFORE MULDER AND SCULLY? What on earth? CABINETS FULL OF HUMAN HEADS? HUMAN SOUP BONFIRE?”



This episode demonstrates to us the importance of really never, ever going to small rural towns or interacting with the people in them. If you do this, you are very likely to end up in the soup.

This episode is incomprehensibly bonkers. It is like a Craigslist date. Not even a weird Craigslist date, just a normal one, which is admittedly pretty weird.

This episode might also be a comment on those weird white people clubs that have their basis in some-vaguely exoticized interpretation of some mysterious eastern culture. Is that what the Shriners have been doing all these years? The Elks Lodge may just be a cannibal soup smorgasbord or whatever. There is literally no way to know for sure since the main manner of finding out would be going to these places and potentially being eaten.

Best to keep away from all that. Stay safe everyone.