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Time-Travel Problems

So apparently about 8 months ago I meant to write this post about time travel problems. As is appropriate, I forgot to do that then, so I am leaving it to my future self to play catch-up for me, in January 2015. You’ll see it in the future, but also maybe in the past. It is hard to say.

A pretty good description of how time-travel can cause you some problems is here:

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal #3338

This sort of thing can happen if you accidentally invent a time-machine and then go into the past and convince your past self to invent a time machine and go into the past and kill your past self.

Are we following?

Sometimes it can also be problematic to learn things about both the past and future that you would not and will not have known otherwise. No one likes spoilers:

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal #3337

Blogging from one’s own future can be problematic as well. I want to tell you about having seen Interstellar already, but if I tell you what it will be about, then you won’t go see it and then I won’t have seen it and then no on will have seen it and it won’t do very well at the box office, and so on and so forth. Go see Interstellar when it comes out. You’ll probably go multiple times, but you won’t know if that is because you saw it in the future first and then after that in the past because of seeing it before in the future. It is impossible to know really.

If you are interested in keeping up with the latest in time travel issues and problems while we continue to navigate this temporal experiment at X-Files 20 Years Later, I suggest following /r/timetravelproblems at Reddit.


In preparation for the twentieth anniversary project of the classical documentary Fringe in however many years that’ll be from now, I watched the entire first season over the past few months with a splinter group of the XX-Philes (ROMAN NUMERALS DO YOU GET IT) namely Paul. I just blasted through the last few episodes right now while working on my fabulous Link needlepoint project that will probably go with me, unfinished, to my grave. Anyway I think a full study is in order, but for now just want to highlight how important this show is. For a documentary about a parallel universe, it’s incredible that the filmmakers managed to get in some X-Files references. I mean there’s a billion but my two favorites are first, in the season finale where they’re at the lake and the whole thing is a big homage to the X-Files pilot and how in the second season premiere there’s actually a clip of Mulder on a television screen. That’s actually how I discovered that Fringe is definitely a documentary, because how else would people depicted in Fringe be able to watch other documentaries. Duh. What illuminating evidence. What an illuminating addition to the canon.


X-Files, a sonnet

The show that needs no soliloquy
No tortured monologues or exposition
Because Mulder has his beautiful Scully
to direct all theories and propositions 😉

When the going gets tough
These toughs get going
They investigate aliens kind and gruff
All to keep the sex tension flowing

Scully’s broad shoulders bear
The brunt of 90s style crimes
But Mulder’s tousled thick hair
Weathers well the times

The FBI’s finest duo is matched only
by the band of friends who watch it together, un-lonely

Deep Throat Live Tweeting

Re-live the 20th anni of the second episode of X-Files

  1. An excellent question! What say you, @XFilesNews? RT @xfiles20yrsKB: We on to watch the second episode of X-Files tonight? #xfiles20yrslater
  2. This is @AviQuijada – XFN’s Editor-In-Chief – I will be live tweeting with you tonight! ^AQ

20th Anniversary of X-Files Pilot

Re-live Amanda and Katie’s live tweeting of the X-Files pilot to honor the 20 years since the show burst out of the belly of @20thcenturyfox

Twitter party!

Katie made this!


We’re using #xfiles20yearslater on twitter, @xfiles20yrsAP and @xfiles20yrsKB

We’re Starting!


Unfortunately it looks like we’re not the only ones watching the pilot today…but we are fun and drinking alcohol.

One Month Left!

Just one month until the project begins!