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Lazarus: A Preparation Poem

Tonight’s episode is titled Lazarus.
The fashion is sure to be hazardous!
We’ll look back on the years;
We won’t hold back tears–
With Mulder and Scully’s love as our catalyst!

Copyright 2014 Amanda Propst

IRL Updates

So, the project is not dead, but I overestimated my interest in blogging my way through The X-Files 20 Years Later. However, I’ve invested a truly ludicrous amount of money ($100+ for reals) in this URL, so kids, you’re getting your blaghs.

Tonight: we’re watching 1×14 Lazarus, originally aired February 4, 1994.

And right now (that’s the South African “now now” for those of you familiar), I’m going to do some hasty recaps of all those episodes we jovially and joyfully watched without online fanfare.


“Deep Throat” Starting NOW

You’ve heard that before, haven’t you??


Tonight! and, New Titles!

Hi guys!

We’re watching “Deep Throat” tonight at 9:30 EST! Please join us!

Hashtag #xfiles20yrslater

Important announcement:

It is time to give out the positions of the X-Files 20 years Later.

Amanda Propst (@xfiles20yrsAP), Founder and Executive Director

Katie Broida (@xfiles20yrsKB), Vice-President for Social Media Marketing (recently promoted from Social Media Manager, congrats, Katie!)

John Martin (@johndmartiniii), Vice-President for Chronovation and Speculative Chronology

Keep watching

Exactly one year has passed since my original announcement, and just so you know, keep watching! Everything’s on track for our start in exactly 16 months! I can’t wait!

Watch this space

Watch this space. On 10 September 2013, I will begin blogging The X-Files 20 Years Later. This will be so excellent. I am going to watch every episode on the twentieth anniversary of its original network airing, even including the three seasons of Millennium and the single season of The Lone Gunmen. I am going to write about it. You are going to read about it.

Just wait a little more than two years, and we’ll get this going.