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Important Graphs and Charts

John Nelson, a data visualization specialist, plotted geographic distributions of UFO sightings over the last 90 years. Fascinating work. All XX-philes should obviously read the linked article and then also John Nelson’s work and then probably also spend some time at the National UFO Reporting Center website, just for good measure.

Maps Show Where And When UFO Sightings Occur, From 1925 To 2014 |

Keep watching the skies. Happy hunting.



I am thrilled to announce that Fox has ordered a six-episode EVENT SERIES. What is an event series? Fuck a miniseries. We don’t do miniseries at xfiles20yearslater. XX-philes, rejoice.

Please see the episode index for updates. Welcome to the 2030s, X-Files 20 Years Later.

Good News for XX-Philes: X-Files May Have a Revival

Yesterday night, the Internet exploded in confirmed rumors that our favorite show may be returning to us. This is great news for X-Files 20 Years Later and our merry band of XX-Philes, as it would turn our project from a decade-long endeavor into a project that spans nearly a quarter of a century.

Our own self-interest aside, this is great for X-Philes of all stripes. We would maybe finally have a more satisfying end to the series than the last film.

This is good news, very good news indeed. We want to believe that it will happen. If it does, then we’ll be here, watching it 20 years later.


I didn’t even bother writing about last week’s episodes because, well, frankly, we all know which episode is the most important one and it was not “Sleepless.”


This is a picture of the future, but from the past.

That, however, is all over tomorrow night. “Duane Berry” has finally arrived (again, 20 years in the future from the past when it arrived that other time). We can all rejoice in viewing this masterful, groundbreaking piece of television history.

We get to return to the aliens-abducted-my-sister mythos in a big way over the next few episodes, plus that other thing.

So, tomorrow we should all get on our red speedos, pop some corn, kick back and relax (Is it possible to relax in a speedo if you are not Mulder climbing out of a swimming pool in 1994? He was totally relaxed about it. I don’t know.) and enjoy the show.

Critical recap will follow. Live-blagging may also occur. Who can say? No one can know the future. Or the past. Or anything. Ever.

S02E01 Little Green Men: HAPPENING NOW

Paul and I are conference-calling “Little Green Men” AS I TYPE. The tradition continues! This year with better blogging!

Notes for recap: Why does Mulder’s sister’s abduction always look different? How did Scully always look so stylish, even while terribly pregnant? Can we ever return to a time when X-Files themes were not cliched?

Little Green Men Twenty Years Later

Hullo XX-philes!

The moment is upon us! Little Green men airs tonight twenty years ago. Don’t miss it, or you’ll have to travel through time to watch it. Or you could wait five years for X-FIles 25 years later or 30 years for X-Files fifty years later or 20 years for X-Files twenty years later twenty years later. So, there are options.

But to hell with all of that. Shut up. Turn your television on. Make Netflix go into your television through some sort of wizardry. And watch the X-files. Duh.

I’ll be back at some point with a recap and SPOILERS.

Season 2 Begins Soon

Hello, fellow XX-philes.

Three weeks from today, we will enter the glorious phase two of the rewatching of the timeless documentary classic, The X-Files.

You might be asking yourself, “But how do I prepare for this? What should I do?”

Here is a list of ten great ideas:

  1. Fashion yourself a fancy new tinfoil hat. Aluminum foil will also work, since tinfoil isn’t even a thing anymore. Here is an instructional video about that:
  2. Have a friend check your body for chips that may have been implanted in your body. This can be fun AND educational (and maybe sexy?). See the video:
  3. Get rid of those pesky alien clones of yourself. There is no time like the present!:
  4. Check out your DNA to make sure that you are human and not some sort of human-alien hybrid:
  5. Download the TOR browser to make sure the government isn’t listening in on your Internets:
  6. Look into becoming an FBI agent so that you can be just like Mulder and Scully:
  7. Learn how to protect yourself from alien abductions:
  8. Get back into shape after a summer of being indoors, watching reruns of shows from the 1990s. Swimming works:
  9. Get your hair cut accordingly:
  10. Get your office in order:

Those should get you started and help stave away the boredom for the next three weeks. Then you can join us at 9:00pm EDT on Tuesday, September 16 and live-tweet (#XFiles20YrsL8r) while we watch “Little Green Men,” another of the greatest episodes in the series.

Synchronized Watching of Tooms!

So Amanda and Paul and I are now sync-watching “Tooms,” one of the best revisited MOTW episodes of our documentary series.

It is eerie to hear the same exact sounds coming through the phone as coming out of my television.

I am also writing a paper on the content of media piracy networks. I am watching this on Netflix though, not pirated. That is illegal.

Still, this is exciting as it is the first trans-state watching of X-files 20 years from its original air date in a while.

This episode is really a study in what happens when no one can accept the bizarre phenomena that they see before them and demand that their new and bizarre experience fit within a predefined orthodoxy of experiential reality. Summary: everyone thinks that Mulder is crazy, but he’s the one-eyed man in the kingdom of the blind. But we already knew that.

Happy watching. Recap to follow later this week.

PS – Is anyone else hungry for liver? Gross.

Hiatus, 20 years later

It may seem absurd to wait until a certain date to watch an episode of series that aired twenty years ago. It might actually be absurd. It might be insane. We might be insane. We probably are. We obviously are. We probviously are.

This is all immaterial and unimportant.

More important is considering how we are affected by a hiatus in a series that aired twenty years ago. It is different from the same phenomenon in a currently-running series in that we already know what is going to happen (or we would if we had not purposefully cleared our minds in order to go into the field as if we are seeing everything for the first time like good social scientists do. See Glaser, B. & Strauss A., The Discovery of Grounded Theory, 1967, pp. 148-149). Even if we say that we don’t know what is going to happen, we know that something is going to happen and that we will someday soon know it. Time and tense get really complex, don’t they? It is particularly difficult to keep one’s temporal selves integrated when conducting experiments like this. Take care not to have allowed your past selves to screw over your present self or to allow your present self to screw over your future selves by looking up plot summaries on the Google. It will happen. They were devious bastards, back there in the past. And you are too, right now, you jerk.

But I digress.

The real question is: “Why wait, you morons? You can just watch the episodes whenever you want.” And the real answer to that is “We know, idiot, but that is not the point of the exercise.” What we seek here is authenticity of experience not immediate gratification. What kind of example would we be setting for X-Files 50 Years Later if we just watched whatever we want whenever we want? What kind of example would we set for X-Files 20 Years Later, 20 Years Later (the almost certainly inevitable 20 year anniversary re-watching of this re-watching project)? A terrible example, that’s what kind.

Anyway, we’re on hiatus right now, until next week. That is really all I meant to announce here. I get into the moment though, and I just go with it. So we wait. We wait and wait and wait. We wait until March 18 when the current previous hiatus will have finished and “Miracle Man” will have been aired previously. We do it for truth and justice. And integrity and science. But mostly we do it to keep our past selves and their influence in the past where they belong. We may be travelling through time, albeit slowly and always forward, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t authentically participate in the past. We do what we want. The past is dead! Long live the (future?) past!

Young at Heart: A Haiku

In anticipation of tomorrow’s 20 years later episode, Young at Heart, I offer this Haiku.

Mad surgeons take heed:
Don’t graft salamander hands.
It will not go well.

Don’t miss it.