Here at The X-Files 20 Years Later, we watch every episode of the world-changing television show The X-Files on the twentieth anniversary of its original airing. And we write* about it.

We’re also going to include the spin-offs Millennium and The Lone Gunmen. That may or may not be a good idea.**

*try to write
**it’s a fantastic idea


Amanda Propst (Founder) is an X-Files, nail polish, and puppy enthusiast who is good at reading books, hanging out with pals, and using misdirection to appear much smarter than she is. By night, she sleeps in a creepy basement somewhere in Our Nation’s Capital and by day she thinks about writing X-Files episode recaps, but doesn’t.


John 3000 (South-East Correspondent) lives in The South. Not like South America, but the American South. Geography is pretty strange. Coincidentally, John is a PhD student at the same university from which famous geography student, Michael Jordan, graduated. A fair number of X-Files episodes are set in the American South (there are 8 in North Carolina alone) and John will provide special regional reports as we wend our way through the series over the course of the next 10 years.

  1. “Lots of planets have a north”, just like lots of places have a south.

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