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This episode is supposed to be set in Michigan so I feel obligated to write about it because I am from Michigan. This episode always startles me because I’ve not lived in Michigan for most of my adult life but the accents are spot-on. The very real Michigan accents but they’re definitely that kind of Midwestern flat with round O sounds.

The the setting, Coats Grove, is also really familiar to me. I used to drive through that area all the time and often on Coats Grove Road. It’s near Hastings, just north of Kalamazoo and Battle Creek. Even though this episode was likely filmed in British Columbia they definitely got the look and feel of the place right.

It’s not a town though. At the end, Mulder mentions “Coats Grove authorities.” Said authorities, I assure you. Coats Grove is not even a hamlet really, just a place. A road. The nearest actual town is Hastings, where you will find some authorities, probably some of whom love in Coats Grove, but there is no Coats Grove PD or anything like that, so I don’t know who the hell he is taking to.

It’s also not that muddy in Coats Grove.