Monthly Archives: October 2016


I can barely watch this episode. Thank God (swt) that is over.

I usually have to distract myself with something else while it is playing. Tonight it was grading student work that I am behind on. I am usually not squeamish at all, but there is something about an antebellum throwback amputee inbreeding horror episode that really gets to me. I’m not sure what it could be, exactly.

In recap, if you want to skip this episode, do so. I would also not recommend watching it when you are about to sleep or eat or be a human person.


Back for XX-Files Season 4, 20 Years Later

And we’re back, somewhat out of time, for season 4.

We begin with the very weird “Herrenvolk.” I don’t have much to say about this episode, except that I can’t figure out who the blond boy drone clone is supposed to be. If the girl is a Samantha drone clone, then who the hell is the blond boy drone clone?

It’s a mystery. I’ve been wondering this for 20 years. I guess I shall have no answer today either.

And bees? WTF?