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Clyde Bruckman, what a guy.

Clyde Bruckman makes the claim that if he can see the future that means that it must have already happened. He is right. This blog post was written in the future of the time that you are reading it. Or I am in the future of the time that I will have read this before I wrote it.

Now I am confused.

Bruckman’s dream about being dead and decomposing in a field of red tulips is oddly soothing, particularly coming from a guy who knows his own and everyone else’s future. The message is: we all died. We all know what happens when a person dies. There is something soothing about being completely aware and mindful of those truths.

The other message of the dream is that Clyde Bruckman is a total weirdo. That is pretty clear from his behavior also.

As weird as he might be, he lived by a strange code involving an overall orientation toward allowing the future to unfold as it is supposed to. In the end, this meant that he had to fulfill his destiny the only way he knew how, since he knew that he was slated to die.

And so it goes.


D.P.O. is clearly about what happens when you put massive firepower in the hands of idiots who are not capable of controlling their emotions.