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I am thrilled to announce that Fox has ordered a six-episode EVENT SERIES. What is an event series? Fuck a miniseries. We don’t do miniseries at xfiles20yearslater. XX-philes, rejoice.

Please see the episode index for updates. Welcome to the 2030s, X-Files 20 Years Later.


Mulder’s Expense Account

So, Død Kalm, our most recent episode, raises some interesting questions about just what the hell the US government is paying for. Mulder manages to charter a trawler and sail it near to the Arctic Circle to ensure that its entire crew dies and that it almost kills him and Scully as well.

None of this was inexpensive. I can only imagine what his expense report looked like after he woke up from nearly dying of old age or whatever.

Expense Cost Justification
Last minute flight to Norway $6800.00 My back hurt. I had to fly business class.
Flight for Scully $6800.00 We obviously both needed to go to Norway.
Trawler rental $18000.00 I don't see how you expect me to do my job if I can't rent a trawler whenever and stuff.
International waters rescue $48000.00 What? Were you just going to leave us out there to die of old age?
Hospital costs $286000.00 Dude. I was dying of old age. That is ex-pen-sive, yo.
Coffee at Dulles $18.00 I held off on asking for another shot and extra whip. What do you want from me?

I would hate to be the admin who had to deal with that. Or Skinner, having to sign off on those expense reports? His boss must be ready to kill him most days.

The truth is that this would never work these days. The bureaucratic processes involved in reimbursement at governmental institutions are much more advanced than they were in the 1990’s. That means that a reimbursement that took a month then might take 48 years now.