Happy New Year, Reality Sync Issues, Etc

Wow. Man. It is already 1995 20 years later. Time flies when you are moving through it 20 years late. So, last we checked in, it was the beginning of season two, then some awesome episodes happened, then now. How is that for a season 2 in progress recap? I know. It’s awesome. You’re welcome. You’re too kind.

Fine. I’ll give an episode by episode rundown since Duane Berry, the most important episode of the season (see last post):

2X05: 14 October 1994/2014: “Duane Barry” (S02E05)

Awesome. Sweet alien abduction nutjob hostage stuff. Red speedos for those out there who are into that.

2X06: 21 October 1994/2014: “Ascension” (S02E06)

More awesome nutjob madness. Scully is in trouble, yo.

2X07: 04 November 1994/2014: “3” (S02E07)

Frigging vampires are real, Mulder. Figure it out.

2X08: 11 November 1994/2014: “One Breath” (S02E08)

WTF, Scully? Row to shore already. Also, where the hell is Nurse Owens?

2X09: 18 November 1994/2014: “Firewalker” (S02E09)

Josh Lyman in a volcano. Crazy things happen.

2X10: 09 December 1994/2014: “Red Museum” (S02E10)

Ever wanted to be in a cult? Now you don’t.

2X11: 16 December 1994/2014: “Excelsis Dei” (S02E11)

Ghosts are real. Ghosts are also the result of eating a bunch of shrooms. Ghosts can also kill or injure you if they are mad at you (or just generally mad).

There we are. All caught up.

Now, on to Aubrey. I hope we’re all ready for some science that still doesn’t even exist at all. What also doesn’t exist is syncing up reality between Chapel Hill, NC and Washington, DC. We have had some problems, but I think that we are now go for launch.

About John 3000

John 3000 (South-East Correspondent) lives in The South. Not like South America, but the American South. Geography is pretty strange. Coincidentally, John is a PhD student at the same university from which famous geography student, Michael Jordan, graduated. A fair number of X-Files episodes are set in the American South (there are 8 in North Carolina alone) and John will provide special regional reports as we wend our way through the series over the course of the next 10 years.

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