Monthly Archives: October 2014


I didn’t even bother writing about last week’s episodes because, well, frankly, we all know which episode is the most important one and it was not “Sleepless.”


This is a picture of the future, but from the past.

That, however, is all over tomorrow night. “Duane Berry” has finally arrived (again, 20 years in the future from the past when it arrived that other time). We can all rejoice in viewing this masterful, groundbreaking piece of television history.

We get to return to the aliens-abducted-my-sister mythos in a big way over the next few episodes, plus that other thing.

So, tomorrow we should all get on our red speedos, pop some corn, kick back and relax (Is it possible to relax in a speedo if you are not Mulder climbing out of a swimming pool in 1994? He was totally relaxed about it. I don’t know.) and enjoy the show.

Critical recap will follow. Live-blagging may also occur. Who can say? No one can know the future. Or the past. Or anything. Ever.