Little Green Men Twenty Years Later

Hullo XX-philes!

The moment is upon us! Little Green men airs tonight twenty years ago. Don’t miss it, or you’ll have to travel through time to watch it. Or you could wait five years for X-FIles 25 years later or 30 years for X-Files fifty years later or 20 years for X-Files twenty years later twenty years later. So, there are options.

But to hell with all of that. Shut up. Turn your television on. Make Netflix go into your television through some sort of wizardry. And watch the X-files. Duh.

I’ll be back at some point with a recap and SPOILERS.

About John 3000

John 3000 (South-East Correspondent) lives in The South. Not like South America, but the American South. Geography is pretty strange. Coincidentally, John is a PhD student at the same university from which famous geography student, Michael Jordan, graduated. A fair number of X-Files episodes are set in the American South (there are 8 in North Carolina alone) and John will provide special regional reports as we wend our way through the series over the course of the next 10 years.

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