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Season 2 Begins Soon

Hello, fellow XX-philes.

Three weeks from today, we will enter the glorious phase two of the rewatching of the timeless documentary classic, The X-Files.

You might be asking yourself, “But how do I prepare for this? What should I do?”

Here is a list of ten great ideas:

  1. Fashion yourself a fancy new tinfoil hat. Aluminum foil will also work, since tinfoil isn’t even a thing anymore. Here is an instructional video about that:
  2. Have a friend check your body for chips that may have been implanted in your body. This can be fun AND educational (and maybe sexy?). See the video:
  3. Get rid of those pesky alien clones of yourself. There is no time like the present!:
  4. Check out your DNA to make sure that you are human and not some sort of human-alien hybrid:
  5. Download the TOR browser to make sure the government isn’t listening in on your Internets:
  6. Look into becoming an FBI agent so that you can be just like Mulder and Scully:
  7. Learn how to protect yourself from alien abductions:
  8. Get back into shape after a summer of being indoors, watching reruns of shows from the 1990s. Swimming works:
  9. Get your hair cut accordingly:
  10. Get your office in order:

Those should get you started and help stave away the boredom for the next three weeks. Then you can join us at 9:00pm EDT on Tuesday, September 16 and live-tweet (#XFiles20YrsL8r) while we watch “Little Green Men,” another of the greatest episodes in the series.