Synchronized Watching of Tooms!

So Amanda and Paul and I are now sync-watching “Tooms,” one of the best revisited MOTW episodes of our documentary series.

It is eerie to hear the same exact sounds coming through the phone as coming out of my television.

I am also writing a paper on the content of media piracy networks. I am watching this on Netflix though, not pirated. That is illegal.

Still, this is exciting as it is the first trans-state watching of X-files 20 years from its original air date in a while.

This episode is really a study in what happens when no one can accept the bizarre phenomena that they see before them and demand that their new and bizarre experience fit within a predefined orthodoxy of experiential reality. Summary: everyone thinks that Mulder is crazy, but he’s the one-eyed man in the kingdom of the blind. But we already knew that.

Happy watching. Recap to follow later this week.

PS – Is anyone else hungry for liver? Gross.

About John 3000

John 3000 (South-East Correspondent) lives in The South. Not like South America, but the American South. Geography is pretty strange. Coincidentally, John is a PhD student at the same university from which famous geography student, Michael Jordan, graduated. A fair number of X-Files episodes are set in the American South (there are 8 in North Carolina alone) and John will provide special regional reports as we wend our way through the series over the course of the next 10 years.

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