20th Anniversary of X-Files Pilot

Re-live Amanda and Katie’s live tweeting of the X-Files pilot to honor the 20 years since the show burst out of the belly of @20thcenturyfox
  1. Just realized everyone else has this idea too! Everyhitng has been done already. Time becomes a loop. Off to a good start!
  2. 20 yrs ago I would not be watching X-Files with a computer on my lap. The future is now #20thXF
  3. If you’re watching at home, staring in T minus 1 min #20yearsofxfiles
  4. Whoa … frumpy suit or just the 90s? SOcial clues now too aged … #xfiles20yearslater
  5. Since when does the FBI recruit out of medical school?
  6. Scully might be able to debunk the X-Files but she can’t ever DE-HUNK THEM #xfiles20yearslater #20yearsofxfiles
  7. Wow social media makes me here and not here! SO weird! So future
  8. @davidduchovny I’m enjoying watching the pilot on this the 20th anniversary! You look like a young Michael J. Fox #xfiles20yearslater
  9. @xfiles20yrsAP It is mammalian … mammal, in layman and woman terms
  10. #20thXF just trended WORLDWIDE! Your new challenge is to tweet your little hearts out for #20YearsofXFiles
  11. #20thXF is trending WORLDWIDE…but I thought of this first. #xfiles20yearslater xfiles20yearslater.com
  12. @GillianA Enjoying watching the pilot of X-Files on the 20th anni! You remind me of the woman from Silence of the Lambs … Clarice
  13. Mulder: #20YearsofXFiles is trending worldwide, isn’t it? // Deep Throat: Mr. Mulder, that show has been trending for a long, long time.
  14. @Exly @XFilesNews Let’s just get the shoulder chip established upfront
  15. #20YearsofXFiles because what other 20 year old TV show could possibly trend during a presidential speech?
  16. @XFilesNews Yeah that’s how it goes! This is IMPORTANT TELEVISION

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  1. OMG this is amazing, so glad you’re on board!!!

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